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Axial view of the LHB in the groove.

Another axial view of the LHB.

Sagittal view of the LHB running down the arm within the sheath.

Axial view of the subscap with the arm externally rotated.

Another axial view of the subscap.

Sagittal view of the subscap. The corocoid process is to the left. Proximal is left, distal is right.

Insertion of the infra on the posterior humeral head. The dense white line to the left is the posterior glenoid.

Coronal view.

Coronal view.

Sagittal view with the LHB in the cuff interval to the left.

Sagittal view again. The upper border of the subscap is just below the LHB to the right of the image.

Coronal view showing a small amount of fluid in the AC joint. The distal clavicle is to the left, the acromian to the right. The meniscal structure is seen between.